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Advantage Care Business Partnership

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Advantage Care Business Partnership

The Advantage Care Business Partnership from Advantage Health is an innovative health care program for your employees, independent contractors and freelancers that provides access to affordable, high quality medical, dental and behavioral healthcare in several convenient locations.

Advantage Health offers the Advantage Care Business Partnership to employers like you as an additional benefit for your team members. We all know how important employer sponsored wellness programs are to a healthy lifestyle for employees, as well as achieving employer goals of increasing productivity and reducing health related downtime. With hiring such a challenge these days, employer sponsored wellness programs have become critical to employee recruitment and retention.

There is no cost to you to become an Advantage Care Partner and every employee or part-time worker is eligible to become an Advantage Care Member. The program offers many benefits to you and your employees. Your employees will receive their very own Advantage Care card and ID number to use with any visit to an Advantage Health.

To learn more, call (313) 416-6246 or email

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