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Advantage Pharmacy – Prescription Discounts & Medicaid Acceptance

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Advantage Pharmacy – Prescription Discounts & Medicaid Acceptance

With the opening of our new Advantage Pharmacy located at 15400 McNichols Road in Detroit, Advantage Health is now able to provide convenient prescriptions to patients and non-patients alike.

There are specific benefits for patients. Those who visit their provider at our McNichols Road clinic for medical, dental, or behavioral health services can have their prescriptions refilled within minutes following their appointment. Plus, if there are any questions about your prescription, our experienced pharmacists can connect directly with an Advantage physician to confirm any details – with no disruption to patients.

A significant benefit of our pharmacy is that Advantage patients are eligible for exclusive discounts on many prescriptions that are not available anywhere else, or for non-Advantage patients!  Speak with your healthcare provider to move your prescriptions to the Advantage pharmacy to receive discounts on prescriptions. We also accept both Medicaid and most insurance plans.

The Advantage Pharmacy also provides patients with most vaccines, including free COVID-19 vaccines and flu shots. Speak with your provider to find out more about vaccines that are recommended for you. 

The Advantage Pharmacy is open weekdays and during lunch for prescription pick-ups. Call 313-416-6250 for more information. 

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