We’re popping up around town!

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By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE, Executive Director If anyone has wondered who we are, where we are or what we do, they’ll wonder no more! As part of our emerging marketing and outreach efforts, we are now proudly displayed on three (3) billboards around town. This is not just a display of Advantage [...]

Honoring Our History: Thea Bowman

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By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE Executive Director As we continue to grow, it is imperative that we recognize the foundation upon which we stand. The names of those we honor and whose commitment we continue to serve can be found on our health centers, including Thea Bowman. Thea Bowman, the granddaughter of slaves, [...]

We are 100%!

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By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE Executive Director Use of the term “100” says many things, but always conveys optimum strength and participation. I am proud to say that at Advantage we, too, are 100 when it comes to a commitment to the community we serve. Some of our providers recently signed a pledge, [...]

We Are What We Give

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by Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE Executive Director The holidays are all about giving, but at Advantage, we understand that what we give defines who we are all-year long. At our recent all-staff meeting, we engaged in an exercise to see how staff defined “Customer Service” and the results were great. Feedback included everything [...]

Top Three Flu Shot Myths

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By Daniel Zemke, BA, CAPM Outreach and Engagement Representative Advantage Health Center Top Three Flu Shot Myths by Daniel Zemke There is a lot of confusion over the flu shot. I hear a lot of people say: “I don’t need the flu shot because I never get sick.” “I wash my hands so I don’t [...]

Patient Satisfaction

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By Lawana Batiste, RN, BSN Director, Clinical Services I work alongside some hardworking men and women. It is always my hope that patient satisfaction is their number one priority, because patient satisfaction is certainly mine. An exceptional experience has an inherent value to patients. A good patient experience can be associated with important clinical outcomes. [...]

March On, Ladies!

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By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE Executive Director This month, in addition to being Women’s History Month is also the month where National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day is recognized and celebrated; And, rightfully so. Much discussion of late is centered on women’s empowerment. Empowerment comes from being armed with awareness and information [...]

Health Insurance Terms You Need To Know

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The health care system in the United States can be confusing. In order to get the most out of your health care benefits, you need to understand the terms used by insurance companies, the government, health plans and health care providers. This way, you can make better decisions and ultimately receive better care. Advance Premium [...]

Honoring Our History

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By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE Executive Director During Black History Month, it only makes sense that we recognize the man to whom our organization is credited, Dr. John B. Waller, Jr. founding member of Healthcare for the Homeless which today is Advantage Health Centers. Dr. Waller was a highly credentialed medical professional who [...]