By Anasa Holden, Practice Manager

Through superior customer service, Advantage Health Centers has paved the way and set the highest standard for clinical service.  AHC is set apart from the numerous other choices that patients have for their medical, dental and behavioral health care.  Exhibiting the high goals for  quality care, Advantage Health Centers has become one of the well- known primary care providers in the area.

One of my roles at Advantage is to deliver quality customer service.  As a company standard, this allows us to thrive!  We continue to build a rapport with the community with the highest regard for customer service. Showing patients that we care cultivates a feeling specifically and specially of care.  Advantage Health Centers makes sure that the employees provide the highest level of customer service to each patient that come into each of the five facilities.

Being a member of the operational team and a proud member of this organization is an honor. AHC stands true to their family-oriented atmosphere.  The mission and vision and core values of efficient, quality care is extremely important to my work and that of my team. My name is Anasa Holden, and I am the practice manager at Advantage Health Centers of Hope Village.  As an Advantage Health Center employee, I am ready to service our patients and our community.