By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE,
Executive Director

I’m proud to ask for your pardon as we kick up some dust at our Thea Bowman Health Center on 6 Mile Rd. in Detroit as we begin a major renovation and upgrade to make things better for our team, patients and the community.

This project is part of our on-going effort to help stailize the communities in which we operate. In addition to purchasing and opening a new 19,000 square foot health center on the campus of Focus: HOPE, we also recently purchased our Thea Bowman location after years of leasing.  While this is a sound business decision on our part, it is also our way of further investing in our communities and city.

Ownership and upgrades not only send the message that our patients and neighborhoods are worthy, but also that we are here for the long haul and want to make sure that we are in control of the environment in which we treat our patients and deliver valuable resources to them and their families.

Some of the growing pains are a bit of dust and inconvenience as we invest in the facility to ensure that the quality of service we are delivering is matched by the aesthetics and state-of-the art equipment.

Too often, businesses in “neighborhoods” fail to reinvest in their facilities and ultimately contribute to the blight that makes our city look bad, and our neighbors feel worse. They deserve better. You deserve better, and we are committed to giving it to you.

So, a little patience would be greatly appreciated as we work to bring you a better, brighter Thea Bowman in the heart of your neighborhood. It is who we are, and a reflection of what we do—for you.

In order to be and remain the advantage, we work every day to make the necessary changes to ensure we are ahead of the competition, and giving you everything you deserve as we work to ensure you medical dental and behavioral health.