By Nina Abubakari, MPH, MBA, JD, FACHE
Executive Director

Use of the term “100” says many things, but always conveys optimum strength and participation. I am proud to say that at Advantage we, too, are 100 when it comes to a commitment to the community we serve.

Some of our providers recently signed a pledge, committing to 100 hours of community service outside of the confines of Advantage Health Centers. This means that they will not only serve the patients they see, but will also participate in community outreach and engagement beyond their traditional clinical practice.

This speaks volumes about their personal commitment, and our collective commitment as a healthcare organization. It means a lot when we, as a team, are equally focused and engaged on a shared goal and effort. I committed 100 hours as well!

Because our outreach to the community is integral to our success in connecting with those who can benefit from our services and resources, I am now seeking to engage the rest of the Advantage staff for an equal commitment of 100 hours.

These collective hours will spread far and wide relative to our reach and awareness of our presence and commitment.

Our work is important, especially when we connect with the community

I look forward to another 100…100 percent participation in the 100 Hour Community Commitment from every Advantage employee. This will take us to another level of 100…and what promises to be our best year yet!