For more than 50 years, FQHCs—federally qualified health centers–have delivered affordable, accessible, quality and cost-effective primary health care to patients regardless of their socio-economic status or ability to pay. Today, health centers have become an essential primary care provider for millions of people across the country and Advantage is proud to be a part of that network of providers.

Funded by the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), there are nearly 1,400 health centers operating more than 11,000 service delivery sites around the country. This means that quality health services are available to every person and family.

This information, provided by HRSA, helps to validate the importance of FQHCs in the community, and their valuable role in community health with increasing numbers of patients using the services of HRSA funded health centers.

With the integration of primary medical, oral health, mental health, substance use disorder, vision care, and patient support services such as medical transportation and education, community –based health centers are well-positioned to meet the nation’s health care needs.

However, these centers are not just present; they are productive in addressing health care needs, as well as helping to drive down health care costs. According to Health Service Research, “The health center model of care has been shown to reduce the use of more costly providers of care, such as emergency departments and hospitals.” Other published reports also show the increased use of Urgent Care centers, showing the preference of smaller, more accessible providers of health services.

HRSA funded health centers—including Advantage Heath Centers—are providing access, improving outcomes, reducing costs and growing to meet the changing needs of our communities which makes what we do more important than ever to those we serve every day.