By Lawana Batiste, RN, BSN
Director, Clinical Services

I work alongside some hardworking men and women. It is always my hope that patient satisfaction is their number one priority, because patient satisfaction is certainly mine.

An exceptional experience has an inherent value to patients. A good patient experience can be associated with important clinical outcomes. For example, patients who have a better experience during their visit, often have better health outcomes. They are more likely to return for that follow-up appointment.

There are 4 key areas that we focus on  to help achieve patient satisfaction:

  1. Making the patient experience a priority – This must be the culture! This means training all staff to ensure that everyone has the same priority. Let’s not forget, the patient is why we chose to work for Advantage.
  2. Communication – This means going that extra mile for the patient. Making sure that the patient knows exactly what to expect during and after their visit.
  3. Timely Responsiveness – Whether it’s responding to a medical message, or time spent in the waiting or exam room, all impact patient satisfaction. The longer a patient has to wait, the more dissatisfied they are likely to be.
  4. Cleanliness of the clinic – We all share the responsibility for and commitment to keeping our clinics clean by keeping our areas clean, or picking up that random piece of paper on the floor.

All across the board, we are working everyday to ensure maximum patient satisfaction with every visit, every time!